Dave Stewart, PhD
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Embedded Systems Expert - 35 Years Experience

  • Hands-on technical leader for software and cross-disciplinary engineering teams
  • Embedded architecture, design, implementation, systems integration, test, and troubleshooting
  • Real-time software design and performance/power analysis
  • Low-level operating system kernel, device driver, and "bare metal" firmware programming
  • Hardware and software verification and validation

  • Expert witness on topics related to embedded real-time systems
  • Focus market segments include medical devices, avionics, industrial control, transportation, military, and sensor networks
  • Key Publications and Presentations

    These cover a time period between 1990 and 2012. Since that time, publications and industry presentations were no longer part of my professional responsibilities.

    Industry Trade Publications

    Troubleshooting real-time software issues using a logic analyzer
    EE Times Design
    Embedded Systems Design

    Fundamentals of Advanced Real-Time Operating Systems
    EE Times Education and Training

    Part 1: Techniques for Measuring Execution Time and Real-time Performance
    Part 2: Techniques for Measuring Execution Time and Real-time Performance
    EE Times Design

    Sampling rates for analog sensors
    EE Times Design

    How to Choose A Sensible Sampling Rate
    EE Times Design

    Beginner's Corner: Introduction to Real Time
    EE Times EE Life

    Beginner's Corner: Introduction to Rate Monotonic Scheduling
    EE Times EE Life

    Software Components for Real-Time
    Embedded Systems Programming

    Part 1: 30 Pitfalls for Real-Time Software
    Part 2: More Pitfalls for Real-Time Software
    Embedded Systems Programming

    Embedded Systems Conference Presentations

    Visualizing Real-Time Errors and Performance Anomalies

    Costly Mistakes of Real-Time Software Development

    Solving Real Problems that Required a Consultant

    Remotely Troubleshooting Embedded Systems using High Quality Log Files

    Achieving Real-Time Performance with Linux/Android or Windows CE

    Troubleshooting Real-Time Software Issues using a Logic Analyzer - Tutorial Version, with Measuring Execution Time

    Unique Software Considerations for Military and Avionic Systems

    Troubleshooting Linux Performance and Battery Consumption Issues

    Pervasive Computing Applications and Wireless Sensor Networks

    Real-Time Design Guidelines and Rules of Thumb

    Notable Research Publications

    Design of dynamically reconfigurable real-time software using port-based objects
    IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

    Mechanisms for Detecting and Handling Timing Errors
    Communications of the ACM

    A Tool for Analyzing and Fine-Tuning the Real-Time Properties of an Embedded System
    IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

    A Study of the Applicability of Existing Exception-Handling Techniques to Component-Based Real-Time Software Technology
    ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems

    An Optimal Memory Allocation Scheme for Scratch-Pad-Based Embedded Systems
    ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems

    Real-Time Scheduling of Sensor-Based Control Systems
    Chapter in book: Real-Time Programming (1992) ed. by W. Halang and K. Ramamritham

    High Speed Hardware-Assisted Real-Time Interprocess Communication for Embedded Microcontrollers
    Real-Time Systems Symposium

    Miniature Software for Large Pervasive Computing Applications
    Software Design Productivity Workshop White Paper

    Predictable Device Driver Model for a Variable-Rate Software-Controlled Switch Matrix
    Real-Time Applications Symposium

    A Mechanism for Communicating in Dynamically Reconfigurable Embedded Systems
    High Assurance Software Engineering Workshop

    Hardware/Software Co-Design of I/O Interfacing Hardware and Real-Time Device Drivers for Embedded Systems
    Real-Time Applications Symposium White Paper

    Design of a Real-Time Co-Operating System for Multiprocessor Workstations
    Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

    The Chimera II real-time operating system for advanced sensor-based control applications
    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

    Real-Time Software Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Multi-Sensor Based Systems
    Ph.D. Thesis


    US9364682 Emergency monitor-defibrillator with telemedicine capability , 2015/2016

    US9707408 Emergency monitor-defibrillator with telemedicine capability and remote activation , 2015/2016

    US10068667 Decision support system using intelligent agents , 2014/2018

    US10099063 Medical monitor-defibrillator with defibrillator and data operations processors , 2013/2018

    US10500404 Universally adaptable module for defibrillator monitors , 2016/2019

    US10559384 Decision support system using intelligent agents , 2014/2018

    US11019158 Real-time data distribution system for patient monitoring devices, cardiac defibrillators and associated information delivery systems , 2019/2021

    WO2016060980 Decision support definition editor , 2015/2016

    US20220181012 Secure software updates and architectures , 2021/2022

    US20220193431 Defibrillators with enhanced functionality during cardiopulmonary resuscitation periods , 2021/2022

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